Soyfoods of America your local Soy milk manufacturer. Retail, bulk and private label quantities available

A soy milk manufacturer

Bulk soy milk manufacturer  & Private Label

A soy milk manufacturer, Soyfoods of America has the capability of making custom items in private label form or as a bulk ingredient for further processing elsewhere.

In bulk form, for dry items, that means case pack, and for liquid items, that means in tote or tanker truck.

We specialize in liquid soy-base, either organic or conventional, non GMO.

Soyfoods of America has a long history with manufacturing custom liquid soy products.

Under your Company Name
with your Own Private Label

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A dedicated partner of the Food and Beverage Industry

Soyfoods of America has the capability to deliver bulk ingredient such as  concentrated Soymilk or other nutmilk base,  for further processing elsewhere.

Our milks come in various formsa and Quantity:

  • case pack ( i.e furama/yuba items & soy milk):  8 half-gal per case
  • Liquid items in tote or tanker truck

Minimum quantity per order applies:
-for tanker truck: 4000 Gal
-for tote: 2 totes (each with 275 Gal)
-for case Pack: no minimum if pickup

Case Packs, Totes and Tanker trucks

  • A tanker truck contains  approximately 5700 gal for a full truck | If you are an Established company with full production & distribution network, this one is for you
  • A tote  contains approximately 275 gal |  If your company is in its R& D stage or is a startup
  • Stores & restaurants  will opt for the  a case Pack | 8 half gallon for all milk | Tofu 12 packs
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