Our Story . . . The American Dream

Soyfoods of America was founded in 1981 by Ken and Wai Man Lee. They were both born and raised in the Canton region of Southern China, and both escaped with their families to Hong Kong during the Communist revolution.

Following their dreams, they married, had children, and they emigrated to America, the land of opportunity.

With a lot of time, hard work, and help from family and friends, they were able to save enough money to start their own company and live the American Dream.

Remembering the hard times they had in China, Ken and Wai Man chose food manufacturing as their business of choice so no one would go hungry. And Wai Man thought, “Well everyone eats tofu.”

And that was the beginning of Soyfoods of America!

Mission Statement

“Our goal is to manufacture and provide everyone with the most wholesome and healthy soy products available.”


SOYFOODS-USA 1091 Hamilton Rd, Duarte, CA 91010

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