Bulk Soy Milk and other nut milks, why we are better

Bulk Soy Milk

All our soy milk products are certified kosher. We are certified through Kosher Supervision of America. That means a more wholesome and healthful product for everyone!

Non GMO US grown beans
That means our beans are identity preserved… No weird plant DNA engineering stuff going on there! And our soybeans are grown, harvested, cleaned and packed in the United States under the strictest measures. That means a more wholesome and healthful product for everyone!

Organic products
As well as conventional soy milks, we also manufacture organic soy milks, and are certified through Quality Assurance International. Being organic means more than just using natural ingredients. It means the ingredients are grown, harvested and extracted without use of pesticides, chemicals, genetic modification, sewage sludge (a common fertilizer) and/or radiation. It also means that we process our organic soy milks according to the guidelines listed in the National Organic Program.

All our soy milks are pasteurized to ensure a more healthy and wholesome product.

Bulk Soy Milks
We manufacture and sell soy milk in bulk quantities. This is a special order item and we produce from tote to tanker quantities. Purchase the soy base from us and blend and package the final products yourselves!

Custom & private label
Why do it yourself when we can manufacture and co-pack it for you? We have a state of the art soy milk system and a fresh pack bottling line.

Swiss engineered milk plant
Our soy milk plant was designed by a leading Swiss engineer who specializes in the liquid products field. Using European technology, our soy milk system is one of the most advanced in the United States

Flash chilled
Our soy milks are chilled from above a pasteurizing temperature of 140F to below 40F in minutes. The quicker a product is brought out of the “temperature danger zone”, the more safe and wholesome it is.

Cold packed
Our products are flash chilled then packed. Because our soy milk is bottled cold, there is less chance of chemical leaching in the product. Notice how our bottles keep their shape. If a bottle is distorted and looks kind of melted.

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