Frequently Asked Questions

Are the soybeans you use non-gmo?
Yes, all the soybeans we use are identity preserved and are not genetically modified.

Are all of your soybeans grown in the United States?
Yes, we believe in supporting the American farmer and all the soybeans we use are not only purchased from American companies, they are also grown in the great wide plains of the United States. We also believe they are the best soybeans money can buy.

Do you use any preservatives or artificial ingredients?
No, we do not use any preservatives or artificial ingredients. That is why products made by Soyfoods of America are more wholesome than many other soy products on the market. We like to keep it simple and all natural.

Do your products need to be refrigerated?
Yes, our products need to be kept under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. They are fresh products that are minimally processed and do not have preservatives.

Why does your Furama brand soymilk taste different from other ones in the American markets?
Furama brand soymilk is Asian style. For Asians, a beany flavor means more soy per serving. That means it’s healthier and better for you! Most soymilks have about 6g of soy protein per serving. Furama brand soymilk has 9g of soy protein per serving. That’s 50% more soy and quite a difference!!

The product packaging is puffy, but is still within the code date. Is it still good?
The packaging to our products is not supposed to be puffy. If the tofu or soymilk looks bloated do not consume it. Return it to the store for a refund.

The soymilk is chunky and curdled looking. Is it still safe to drink?
The soymilk should be liquid, smooth with no chunks or curdles. Do not consume it. Please return it to the store for a refund.

Why would the product spoil before the expiration date?
The product is good until the expiration date unless it has been mishandled or improperly stored. The biggest culprit for early spoilage is temperature abuse. If the product is kept out of refrigeration for too long, its shelf life is greatly reduced.

Why do you bottle your soymilks cold?
We bottle our products cold to reduce the possibility of chemical leaching into our soymilks. Notice how most other fresh soymilk bottles are sometimes misshapen? That’s because the plastic was melted by the hot soymilk.

Are your soymilks pasteurized?
Yes, our soymilk items are pasteurized. They are taken from a pasteurization temperature to below 40 degrees Fahrenheit within five minutes.

Are your specialty items ready to eat?
The specialty items, like the baked tofus, tofu noodles, and yuba are not ready to eat. They are part of our artisanal line and are hand processed, cut and packed. Just cook before enjoying!!

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